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This is the “now page” for John SJ Anderson. It was last updated 19 September 2021.

Yet another photo of me drinking a porch beer
Photo of me enjoying one of the last porch beers of the season

where is john?

Still happily living in Salem, Oregon.

what is john up to these days?

As of today, I am happily working for Opentrons, leading a team of software developers working on the laboratory information management system powering Neochromosome’s DNA Foundry.

I built out a similar team within Opentron’s PRL business unit, hired my replacement, and am happily working on executing a very similar plan at Neo. What’s next? Still unclear but I’m sure it will be fun!

(Yes, we are hiring!)

Still continuing to pretend like I regularly blog at

Kinda fell off the horse and stopped documenting daily life in the Plague Times at, largely because I got tierd of repeating "stayed home. had some calls. tried to work on side projects and didn't make much progress" over and over again — and then we had a brief un-lock-down period and that _totally_ destroyed motivation. Now that it looks like we're going to have a Delta-driven return to isolation, maybe I'll start up again…

who made john think this was a good idea?

Jmac’s now page was inspirational in getting this one off the ground.

can i see the previous versions of this page?

Sure. Here are archived previous versions: