now (may 2020) ⋘

This is an archived “now page” for John SJ Anderson. This version was produced 1 May 2020. The current version is also available.

Selfie of John and Ms13 on 22 Apr 2020
Selfie of John and Ms13 on 22 Apr 2020

where is john?

Happily living in Salem, Oregon.

what is john up to these days?

Happily working at Infinity Interactive, on a variety of projects.

Continuing to blog at Aiming for twice a week and sometimes achieving it.

Documenting daily life in the Plague Times at

Trying to figure out how to keep Hack Salem and moving forward and relevant while the lockdown continues.

Working on figuring out a side jawn or two…

who made john think this was a good idea?

Jmac’s now page was inspirational in getting this one off the ground.