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This is the “now page” for John SJ Anderson. It was last updated 9 August 2020.

Photo of me with my chin out
Photo of me with my fresh COVID shave

where is john?

Still happily living in Salem, Oregon.

what is john up to these days?

Still happily working at Infinity Interactive, on a variety of projects. Like many shops, Infinity has some capacity right now, so if you've got some interesting work for us, please do reach out.

Still continuing to blog at Aiming for twiceonce a week but rarely achieving it.

Still documenting daily life in the Plague Times at, although it's feeling increasingly difficult to find things of value to say other than "stayed home. had some calls. tried to work on side projects and didn't make much progress". Maybe I need to solict folks to hold me more accountable for doing things that aren't drinking wine and doomscrolling.

Have a couple of conference presentations coming up this month --- JavaScript & Friends on the 14th and Code PaLOUsa on the 21st. These will be my first remote conferences and I'm curious to see how the talks go.

Continuing to work on PROJECT APOLLO — started working on porting the code to TypeScript. Not sure I'm gonna stick with that experiment or not.

who made john think this was a good idea?

Jmac’s now page was inspirational in getting this one off the ground.