Aside: the dates on these just increasingly don’t make sense, I should do something about that.

Once again, it’s the traditionally one day late weekly goals post. Whee!

Last week’s goals were:

  • Finalize paint colors for the new office: done! Ceiling has already been painted, in fact.
  • Maintain exercise routine: done
  • Find a new blog theme and get things rendering in that: this only got half-way done, in that I did find a theme I think I like, but I didn’t get any work done on implementing it.
  • Get AppleCare activated on Ms13’s iPad: total fail here, I just didn’t get this one done. Mock me for the loser I am, if you are so inclined.

Goals for this week — and we’ll stick with four, since I only got 2.5 out of 4 last time — are as follows:

  • Get AppleCare activated on Ms13’s iPad — because it still needs doing, doesn’t it.
  • Implement new blog theme — because ditto
  • Deliver Swift talk at Hack Salem
  • Make a dent in the GitGot issues queue — where “dent” means closing the open PR and at least 5 of the existing issues.

Cool thing I heard this week: Help by The Front Bottoms — mainly because it’s fun to be driving around screaming “This is what I want motherfucker / make it happen for me” along with the song.

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