This one time, at band camp in #moose:

11:23 < sartak> 7% of CPAN directly depends on Moose
11:24 < sartak> 1655 dists of 23,808
11:26 < genehack> sartak: what's the percentage that indirectly depends?
11:26 < sartak> dunno. I'd like to know though
11:27 * sartak got those numbers from and quick inspection 
      shows that it's counting only direct dependents (see the Dist::Zilla territory)
11:32 < genehack> that seems like something that should be trivial for somebody 
      who knows the MetaCPAN API well...
17:32 < genehack> sartak: 2334 dists have direct or indirect Moose deps
17:33 < genehack> that's 9.8%
17:34 < genehack> (at least if my stupid abuse of the metacpan search API didn't 
      have a thinko.)

(code here)

Update on 26 May 2012: Ran the same code for Moo and Mouse — they have 263 and 270 dependents, respectively. That’s approximately 12% of CPAN, all told, depending on one of these modules…

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