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On my first day of working at home, I had a couple of cups of coffee later in the afternoon — not so much as a pick-me-up; more because we have the heat off during the day and I wanted a shot of something warm. That night, I slept for crap. Yesterday — my second day — I avoided the coffee after about 11am or so. Last night, I slept like a baby.

Now, clearly, more research may be needed — but I think in the meantime, what’s also needed is some decaf. Bah.


okay so ... what is this tool you used to track your sleep?

Can I tell you how pissed I am that RunKeeper has integrated with FitBit? I need LESS reasons to give a shit about FitBit, not more!

Lovely charts. I wish it were this simple for me - I rarely have coffee after 11 am, but I've had insomnia for months.

I think it's a middle-aged-lady thing. :-(

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