Whoops — this link dump has been setting in ‘draft’ state since, um, February. Just gonna flip the ‘publish’ bit on this one and move on, I think…

  • Once upon a time, I was the only ‘Genehack’ on the Tubes. Now there’s another one. crap
  • This is fascinating: Moscow’s Stray Dogs Evolving Greater Intelligence
  • I thought Mark Pilgrim’s Setup interview was better than most, but this picture of his actual physical layout was even better. Can’t believe somebody actually works out of a Poang chair, and I’ve got a headache just thinking about those monitors at that distance with the sunglare from those windows… crazy.
  • Rafe pulled a quote out of a recent Tim Bray piece that was notable to me as a really good pithy summary of what I’ve always loved about weblogs (or maybe what I loved about the initial weblogs) - making it really easy to listen in to the thoughts of really smart people.
  • Dell isn’t allowing third-party drives to be used with new PERC cards. I’m sort of surprised I haven’t seen more noise about this, frankly — this is a pretty annoying, exploitative “lock-in” move for Dell, which hasn’t really been known for this sort of activity in the past.
  • YA list of useful Emacs features. I (re-)learned a few things from this…
  • mathowie had a good overview of how he keeps track of how people are talking about his writing on the web. I need to think about the best ways to integrate some of this stuff into the New Thing

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