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A dinner conversation:

Me, to $CHILD[1] (who is screwing around and not eating her dinner): “Hey, guess what you’re supposed to be doing?”
$CHILD[1]: “Eating my sandwich?”
$CHILD[1]: “A sandwich?”

My child, ladies & gentlemen, let there be no doubt: my child.

Whoops — this link dump has been setting in ‘draft’ state since, um, February. Just gonna flip the ‘publish’ bit on this one and move on, I think…

  • Once upon a time, I was the only ‘Genehack’ on the Tubes. Now there’s another one. crap
  • This is fascinating: Moscow’s Stray Dogs Evolving Greater Intelligence
  • I thought Mark Pilgrim’s Setup interview was better than most, but this picture of his actual physical layout was even better. Can’t believe somebody actually works out of a Poang chair, and I’ve got a headache just thinking about those monitors at that distance with the sunglare from those windows… crazy.
  • Rafe pulled a quote out of a recent Tim Bray piece that was notable to me as a really good pithy summary of what I’ve always loved about weblogs (or maybe what I loved about the initial weblogs) - making it really easy to listen in to the thoughts of really smart people.
  • Dell isn’t allowing third-party drives to be used with new PERC cards. I’m sort of surprised I haven’t seen more noise about this, frankly — this is a pretty annoying, exploitative “lock-in” move for Dell, which hasn’t really been known for this sort of activity in the past.
  • YA list of useful Emacs features. I (re-)learned a few things from this…
  • mathowie had a good overview of how he keeps track of how people are talking about his writing on the web. I need to think about the best ways to integrate some of this stuff into the New Thing

And now, let the ritual closing of the tabs commence…

I’ve seen a couple other people do this sort of thing (most notably, Warren Ellis) — a listing of active projects with a mini-status update on each one, and ever since reading this PerlBuzz post I’ve been meaning to start doing it myself. (Yes, that PerlBuzz post is four months old. That should give you some idea of what you’re in for here.)

So, in no particular order:

And so forth, and so on… the list won’t ever end, I’m sure.

What are you working on this month?