Somewhat ironically, I’m too tired to boil this down to something that fits in less than 140 characters, but it seems worth noting that right now there are several Twitter micro-climes where I’m getting the same rush of positive interaction “these people REALLY GET IT” energy that I was getting from weblog cross-talk in the 1999-2001 time frame. Also worth noting is that a substantial part of this is reinforced by (at least the potential of) actual face-to-face interaction with a subset of these folks by virtue of them being relatively “local” to me; there’s something interesting there about how “real” communities reinforce and support virtual ones, that I’m just a bit too tired to tease out at the moment.

There’s more than a whiff here of the thing Dan and I (and others) keep kicking around, this idea of “OK, what’s next?”, that needs a bit more exploration…

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