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I’m trying to come up with a better solution for tracking what I’ve read than what I used this year — a stack of index cards that I scribbled stuff on when I remembered to — but whether or not that happens, we’ll see… (Yes, I could use something like Goodreads, but they don’t really offer the sort of stat-based info I’d like to see…)

Anyway, the numbers for 2009:

Books read in 2009: 80

Books started in 2009, still being read: 3 (Getting Things Done, an annual re-read; Learn C On The Mac, a brain refresh (and not as platform-specific as I’d have liked); Keeping It Real, trashy fantasy)

Books started in 2009 and abandoned: 3 (Study War No More, a reread that I couldn’t get in to; Code Complete 2, had to leave it with $OLD_JOB when I quit; Dive Into Python, just couldn’t seem to push through it… again.)

Non-fiction/fiction split: 18/62 (22.5% non-fiction)

Library books/own books split: 15/65 (18.75% library books)

Reread/first read split: 33/47 (41.25% rereads — rather higher than normal, but I reread a lot of paperbacks this year prior to donating them)

Longest read: The Art of UNIX Programming, started 19 Feb; finished 21 May.

By month:


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Re: Code Complete 2, O'Reilly was just having a nice sale on all Microsoft Press books (40% off with code MSINT @ http://microsoftpress.oreilly.com/ ). It's not clear if the sale is actually over or not, but I'd hurry if you want to try it.

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