Say you want a Facebook-ish “Wall” — a public Internet space, where anybody can drop you a note that can be seen (and ideally commented upon) by anybody. Say you want to host this on your own site, not FB’s. (And yes, this ties into Dan’s recent “how do we take our conversations back?” questions…)

How much trouble is it to bend something like MT/OpenMelody to that end? Or just whip up something specialized? Call it a ‘golb’ — the reverse of a blog — people writing posts on your site.

This may be a Thanksgiving weekend coding project, let’s see…

(N.b., you probably wouldn’t want to let just anybody post, because the spammers would make you a smoking hole in the ground about 30 seconds later. Make people have OpenID and maybe pass a captcha or something…)

Anyway, just a crazy rainy Tuesday morning idea that I thought I’d throw out for people to run with if they want to…

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