• Wikipedia on ‘Runbook’. Chandler project ops runbook
  • 10 blogging tips from Jorn Barger. (When did Robot Wisdom grow a tagline reading ‘judaism is racism’? Oy vey.)
  • Account of auto-waterboarding experiment. Scary.
  • Rails is a Ghetto. You knew that already.
  • MJD on kids and the Santa fable. We have a similar position about the kids, Santa, and the truth; this year was the first year it really became an issue. I’m not sure TheOlderChild believes us when we say Santa is just a story. 8^/=
  • Eventually Consistent. You can’t always get what you need.
  • It was twenty years ago today. I learned this year that TheYoungerChild and Perl share the same birthday. I am unreasonably happy about this for some reason.
  • And speaking of Perl, just in case you’ve been under a rock, Perl 5.10 is out. One of these days I’m going to write up the collective wisdom on how to deal with managing Perl deployments in a sane fashion in a large enterprise environment from the sysadmin point of view — just as soon as I find some collective wisdom on the subject, as opposed to the suck I keep running into when dealing with the problem…
  • AskMeFi: 2 player games on the Wii? For future reference, now that I finally got around to buying additional WiiMotes.
  • What a modern collaboration toolkit looks like is ESR semi-lambasting the GNU Emacs development community and culture by comparing it to a more “modern” devteam. Interesting in an anthropological way, if nothing else. (If you want to follow the whole thing, you’re probably better off digging up the thread via Gmane, which seems to have a much better web-based interface for that sort of thing…)

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