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The Great IPv6 Experiment. Best idea ever.

The great chicken or the egg dilemma. IPv6 has had operating system and router support for years. But, content providers don’t want to deploy it because there aren’t enough potential viewers to make it worth the effort. There are concerns about compatibility and breaking IPv4 accessibility just by turning IPv6 on. ISPs don’t want to provide IPv6 to end users until there is a killer app on IPv6 that will create demand for end users to actually want IPv6. There hasn’t been any reason for end users to want IPv6 - nobody’s dumb enough to put desirable content on IPv6 that isn’t accessible on IPv4. Until now.

We’re taking 10 gigabytes of the most popular “adult entertainment” videos from one of the largest subscription websites on the internet, and giving away access to anyone who can connect to it via IPv6. No advertising, no subscriptions, no registration. If you access the site via IPv4, you get a primer on IPv6, instructions on how to set up IPv6 through your ISP, a list of ISPs that support IPv6 natively, and a discussion forum to share tips and troubleshooting. If you access the site via IPv6 you get instant access to “the goods”.

I am not Spock, but I am on Spock. Please add me if you’re there too…


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This excellent article on the power of checklists resonates on a number of levels: anybody who has paid attention to the GTD/org-porn world will find something to like, anybody who has had to deal with the institutionally-entrenched “god” attitudes of physicians will see a lot of familiar stuff, and people who are interested in the implications of research funding policy may end up questioning some assumptions. It’s a relatively long read, but rewarding.

Rainy day fodder:

The SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) is having some sort of cross-generational meltdown over IP issues:

Lots of “negative lessons” to be learned here…