On The Weakerthans wonderful new album Reunion Tour, there’s a song called “Elegy for Gump Worsley”. Now, clearly from the lyrics it’s about a hockey player, but I didn’t understand the last line (‘If anyone asks, the inscription should read, “My face was my mask.”’) until I looked at the Wikipedia page for Gump Worsley. Turns out not only was he an well known and accomplished hockey player (i.e., were I Canadian, I would have known this already…), but he was also one of the last goaltenders to play without a mask.

If anyone asks, the inscription should read, “My face was my mask.”

The song is awesome, most of the whole album is awesome, and when they came through town recently show was well worth the $20. Buy the disk, go to a show if you get a chance; people writing stuff this intelligent and layered deserve some love.

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