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Reason number 934058049 why having a case-insensitive filesystem on a *nix-like machine is stupid (and yes, Apple, I’m looking right at you and sharpening a Leatherman as I say this…): I just found out that I’d managed to replace the command that shows you the first few lines of a file (normally at /usr/bin/head on *nix-y OSen) with a script that submits a URL to a web server using the HTTP command HEAD (normally found at /usr/bin/HEAD) — because the computer I’m using is too damn stupid to realize that /usr/bin/head and /usr/bin/HEAD should be different!

I’d wipe the thing and put Ubuntu on it, but the last time I tried, it refused to boot off the CD. I suspect it was aware I was trying to kill it and was refusing to cooperate.

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