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That sound was me unsubscribing from all my tag-based del.icio.us feeds. (I’m still keeping the person-based ones.)

Noted as yet another medium being overcome and/or failing to deal with the spam problem; I don’t need to hunt through dozens of pr0n and health care links in the ‘lifehack’ category, thanks much.


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Reason number 934058049 why having a case-insensitive filesystem on a *nix-like machine is stupid (and yes, Apple, I’m looking right at you and sharpening a Leatherman as I say this…): I just found out that I’d managed to replace the command that shows you the first few lines of a file (normally at /usr/bin/head on *nix-y OSen) with a script that submits a URL to a web server using the HTTP command HEAD (normally found at /usr/bin/HEAD) — because the computer I’m using is too damn stupid to realize that /usr/bin/head and /usr/bin/HEAD should be different!

I’d wipe the thing and put Ubuntu on it, but the last time I tried, it refused to boot off the CD. I suspect it was aware I was trying to kill it and was refusing to cooperate.


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Spotted in ASR, from Red Drag Diva:

‘SEND LIBERTARIANS TO SOMALIA’ bumper stickers should be issued. “Be careful what you wish for.”

Hey, look, the first tab dump of the New Year…

Anybody have any VPS providers they want to recommend for or against?

In the usual place, over at Flickr.



We got up at around our normal “go to work” time and, after grabbing showers, finalized the packing. Our babysitter (one of TheChild’s teachers) arrived around 7:30; shortly after that, we got TheChild up and moving. After a quick call to the hospital to verify that we were still on for 9am, TheWife, TheSisterInLaw, and I headed out.

We got to the hospital just about exactly on time — so, of course, we had to sit around and wait for about 30 minutes before they got us into a room. Once we got into the delivery room, more waiting ensued. Fortunately, we were prepared, with reading materials, DVDs and a laptop, and snacks-a-plenty.

With the birth of TheChild, there were some complications that were possibly due to TheWife being under-medicated (she’s strep positive and didn’t get the full antibiotic course before TheChild decided to pop out). To avoid that this time around, the first antibiotic dose was hung well before any attempts at inducing labor. This meant that things felt like they were moving pretty slowly for most of the day — which was frustrating but necessary.

The first antibiotic dose was hung around 10am, and then the oxytocin drip was started around 11am. Some time in there, Medley and NowThis arrived on the scene. The whole morning and early afternoon is somewhat of a blur, because not too much was happening. Medley and I walked to a nearby Panera to fetch lunch, and NowThis drove us back before returning to work. Before and after there was just a lot of sitting around, reading, fetching ice chips for TheWife, and helping her up to go to the bathroom.

By the middle of the afternoon, things were progressing more. TheWife’s water was broken around 3pm, which got things moving at a faster pace. An hour or two later, she was 5cm dilated. She’d felt the need to urinate for some time but wasn’t able to because of the position of the baby relative to her bladder. Finally, in order to get some relief, she asked for a catheter. Once that was placed, she voided about 400mLs and felt a lot better — and only minutes after that, she was at 8cm and wanting to push. Things chugged right along at that point, and TheBaby popped out at 7:42pm.

Unlike TheChild’s birth, the immediate postpartum scene was fairly calm. The baby was placed on TheWife’s stomach, and everybody relaxed and waited for the cord to stop pulsing. Once that happened, I cut the cord, we did the weight and measurements thing — 7lb, 11oz; 21 inches — and the placenta was delivered. NowThis returned to pick up Medley, and they gave TheSisterInLaw a ride back to our place so that she could relieve the babysitter. They left around 8:30pm.

At that point, TheWife and I were back into a waiting phase — TheWife was working on getting TheBaby to nurse, and we were waiting to be moved into a recovery room. Eventually, TheBaby and I went over to the nursery for various treatments and more measuring. We hung out there for a goodly time, and then we were finally reunited with TheWife around 11pm. I sat with them for a bit, then headed for home, grabbing some fast food on the way.


Tuesday morning TheSisterInLaw, TheChild, and I got up and headed over to the hospital. Visiting hours didn’t start until 11am, but we were there a few minutes early. TheChild got to meet her baby sister, which she was quite excited about. After hanging out for a while, the three of us went to get some lunch, and then I dropped TheSisterInLaw and TheChild back off at home and returned to the hospital.

Earlier in the morning, we had discussed going home. TheWife was ready to go, and not looking forward to another night in the hospital. She’d asked her nurse about leaving, and by the time I returned, that process had already started. We got various instructions from various people, and finally got mustered out of the hospital around 6pm.

Various Stats

Total time in the hospital for TheWife: about 33 hours.
Total time for TheBaby: about 22 hours.

APGAR scores: 9 and 9

Weight at birth: 7lb, 11 oz.
Weight 3 hours postpartum: 7lb, 9oz.
Weight 2 days postpartum: 6lb, 15oz.
Weight 3 days postpartum: 7lb, 1 oz.

Relative weights and measures, 2 days post-partum:
50th percentile length
25th percentile weight
75th percentile head circumference

Some reading stats for 2006, since I actually managed to keep track this year…

Books read: 81 Fewest read: Tie, September and October (one read) Most read: December (21 — yes, 1/4 of the books I read this year were in the last month) Most books completed in one day: 3

My big reading goal for the year was to read the entire Diskworld series, soup to nuts, which I just barely managed to pull off. The reading goal for 2007 is to put a significant dent into the population of the “unread” bookcases (yes, plural; I have a sickness)