I just filled up a large-size gridded Moleskine that I started using at the beginning of the year. I’ve been using a system where I have lists in the Moleskine, marked with post-it tabs (different colors for different lists), with periodic reviews and list re-writings. It seemed like a good time to reflect and re-evaluate what I’m doing, organization-wise (and yeah, there’s a good chunk of “I’m bored with this, let’s do something new to keep my interest up” there too), so I went on a bit of a reading binge to get ideas for other things I could try:

In the end, I spent some time yesterday getting the DIYplanner hPDA templates to print out on to index cards. Eventually, I figured out the trick (longer post forthcoming), and then whipped up a bit of scaffolding around that trick, and so I’m now good to go with a more-spiffy hPDA. I’ll still use the Moleskine for notes and what-not, but my capture and tracking is going to be all index cards, all the time — at least for a while. I’m also considering buying some new toys from Levenger.

Anybody else go on a re-org bender recently?

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