Friday, after work, NowThis, a coworker of his, and I all drove up to Pittsburgh to attend the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. The conference was outstanding — well organized, good speakers, good food, and cheap — NowThis and I were in on the $20 “early” registration fee (we both registered less than a week before the conference started) and the coworker was a speaker, so his fee was waived.

Talks to look for: Beth Skwarecki’s “Make Your Database Work for You”, about getting all that database-specific stuff out of your code and into, you know, the database; Dave Rolsky’s “Perl Modules for Exceptions, Parameter Validation, and Logging”, a Grand Tour of a particular slice of CPAN (lots of notes from this one); and Andy Lester’s “Preventing Crisis: Project estimation and tracking that works”, which contains details of A System that would dovetail nicely with the one in Time Management for Systems Administrators.

I’m sure that there were other good talks that I didn’t get to; the list above are merely the ones that I was in that merited a mention. If you’re a Perler in the area, you really should consider heading to Pittsburgh next year for the next PPW…

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