September 2006 Archives

Friday, after work, NowThis, a coworker of his, and I all drove up to Pittsburgh to attend the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop. The conference was outstanding — well organized, good speakers, good food, and cheap — NowThis and I were in on the $20 “early” registration fee (we both registered less than a week before the conference started) and the coworker was a speaker, so his fee was waived.

Talks to look for: Beth Skwarecki’s “Make Your Database Work for You”, about getting all that database-specific stuff out of your code and into, you know, the database; Dave Rolsky’s “Perl Modules for Exceptions, Parameter Validation, and Logging”, a Grand Tour of a particular slice of CPAN (lots of notes from this one); and Andy Lester’s “Preventing Crisis: Project estimation and tracking that works”, which contains details of A System that would dovetail nicely with the one in Time Management for Systems Administrators.

I’m sure that there were other good talks that I didn’t get to; the list above are merely the ones that I was in that merited a mention. If you’re a Perler in the area, you really should consider heading to Pittsburgh next year for the next PPW…

I’m not registered with any party, so I didn’t vote in the primaries yesterday — there were a couple of Board of Election races I could have voted in, but I knew nothing about any of the candidates. TheWife voted in the morning, before work, and said that things were slow. And up Balmur-way, Avi Rubin was an election judge again — and it sounds like there’s a direct correlation between the amount of electronic gadgetry in the election process and how big a mess that election process is.

I start teaching again in a few days, so I’ve been trying to get the cobwebs blown out of that section of my brain. In the meantime, I’ve got around 25 open tabs in Firefox…

And speaking of business networking sites, I got some LinkedIn connection requests and then ended up sending out a whole set of my own connection requests as a result. If you read this site regularly and you’re not already in my network, feel free to send me an invite; here’s my LinkedIn page.