April 2006 Archives

The Pulitzers were announced a week or so back. I saw a number of sites commenting on this or that award, but I didn’t see anybody highlighting the award for photography, which went to Todd Heisler of Denver’s Rocky Mountain News, for a series looking at the return of the remains of Marines from Iraq. The entire series is available online; I find this image to be particularly moving.

Look, I know I haven’t been posting much at all, but jeebus, does that place look that abandoned? 400+ spam comments in a 24 hour period, yeesh.

Oh great LazyWeb, what is the preferred automated spamkilling solution for ye olde Wordpress installs these days?

I am an idiot! More specifically, an idiot that just lost 40-odd “I’ll just leave this open and blog it later” Firefox tabs. SessionSaver doesn’t do you any good if you just close the window but don’t quit the app, you silly ninny. Grrrr.

calendar.google.com — all your events are belong to them.