‘Lo, many moons ago, I put some counterinsurgency measures in effect to cut down on direct linking of images in the Mighty Genehack Web Empire. Some time after that, for reasons I don’t completely recall, I turned it off (I think I was trying to pare down the .htaccess parsing to speed up the site, or something). It turns out that I missed it over on the .net province — something that I’m now aware of because I got a phone call tonight from an adult acquaintance of a 13-year-old that had posted a link in a forum, which changed from something mildly amusing into Goatse — and apparently the forum software didn’t have support for editing posts once they were made.

So, the image redirection has been changed to point to something a bit more benign — for the moment, at least — and some small micro-segment of the net has been taught an important lesson about bandwidth. I feel as if I’ve made that world just that little bit better today…

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