TheWife had a bit of outpatient surgery done on Friday, so I was away from any sort of news from about 10pm Thursday night until about 9pm Friday night. Once I sat down and started catching up, I started to realize we’d been offline on one of the most politically important days of my lifetime. It started with a New York Times story reporting that President Bush had authorized the NSA to eavesdrop on the communication of American citizens in cases when they hadn’t obtained a warrant — a significant violation of our laws, if true, and sufficient to scuttle the Patriot Act renewal in the Senate.

Then, on Saturday, in his weekly radio address, Bush himself admitted that he had done this, had broken the law, to spy on American citizens.

There’s lots that’s been written on this; I’m not going to take the time to repeat the history and the legal analysis — see Bruce Schneier, or Digby, or Kos, or Atrios, or Orcinus.

January should be “interesting”, not to mention the remaining three years of this administration…

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