So, like all the other cool kids, you’re toting around your Hipster PDA — but yer stack o’ cardage isn’t going to do you much good unless you have something to write on it with when the moment strikes. The canonical pen partner of the hPDA is the Fisher Space Pen — small, compact, relatively pocket friendly. I’ve been carrying one for a number of months, and I’m reasonably happy with it.

On my recent visit to Iowa City, though, I came across a Lamy Pico. Similar idea, in a much slicker package. I ended up buying one, and have pretty much switched over to it. The thicker barrel is much nicer to write with, and the finish seems to be standing up to life in a pocket much better than the matte black Space Pen. My only complaint: I really wish there was a rollerball refill available; ball point is not really my favorite.

Here are some quick shots to compare the Lamy to the better-known Space Pen, with a 3x5 for sizing:

lamy picopico vs space penhead-on viewopen for business

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