QOTD, from Tom Limoncelli at Everything Sysadmin, in response to a Tiger upgrade offer from Apple:

Apple: But then you won’t enjoy the orgasmic delights of Tiger until Christmas! Me: No, I run a PRODUCTION SHOP. I can’t deploy Tiger until it has gone through internal testing and acceptance. I could buy one or two copies to do that, then buy the rest in December. You see, I’m not a pissant video shop full of arthouse goofballs that think 300G of disk space is “big”. I’m not a amateur musician that is impressed at the “Genius Bar” when someone can explain two different ways to “underline text in iWork pages”. We do real work with these machines and we have to have discipline about these things. I doubt we’ll actually deploy Tiger for a few months.

He also has some interesting math for anybody that bought into the recent “36 months of upgrades” plan that Apple was offering…

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