Spent the morning getting the wireless access point working; finally had to resort to Google and some forum posts, but I got it figured out. Once that was in place, I started shifting computers down into the basement (the, ahhh, point of the access point was so that I could move several “server”-type boxes out of my office and into the basement without having to do an actual cable run from my second floor office). That got wrapped up just about in time for lunch.

High off the morning’s success, and buoyed by lunch, I decided that I would forge ahead and try to re-organize my office. This was probably a bit of an over-reach — it was almost midnight by the time I finally got everything arranged, plugged back in, turned back on, and sorted back out. At the end of it all, collapsed gratefully into bed, ready for the work week to start so that I could relax a bit…

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