For the past week or so, I’ve been hacking on something I’ve been calling “Feast On Feeds” — a port of the Feed On Feeds PHP/MySQL server-side RSS reader to Perl/SQLite. At this point, it’s both less and more than a straight port: there are some things missing (no Atom support yet), and some new things (some color coding, the notion (stolen from Gnus) of “ticking” something as important so you can find it later). I should have a tarball up in the next couple of days, depending on when I get around to documenting the installation process a little bit better.

In case anybody is interesting in using this or hacking on it (yes, Raster, I’m looking at you…), here’s some screenshots to whet your appetite…

In SafariIn FirefoxAdd a feedFeed added!Delete a feedFeed deleted!

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