I’ve spent the last week (give or take) trying to chase down some pesky problems with my main workstation. Along the way, I’ve purchased a new motherboard (didn’t fix the problem), some new IDE cables (ohh, shiny!), a new hard drive (seemed to help), and a new IDE card (didn’t hurt, but didn’t solve the problem). I’m now entertaining the theory that something is wrong with the power supply (or maybe just some of the power leads), since at one point last night one of the four-pin power connectors shat out a spark at me. It’s been an intensely annoying experience, because multiple times now I’ve thought I’ve solved the problem, and I’ve gone ahead and cable-tied everything back down nicely — and then the damn thing craps all over itself again, and I’ve got to pull everything out of the case and start over.

At the moment, it seems like I’ve got everything stabilized, and I’ve shuffled around a whole bunch of files so that the file server machine is now actually hosting the important files that it should be servering (MP3s and pictures, mainly). I’m thinking about declaring victory and just stopping where I am. The downside to doing that is that I’ll be tossing a pair of perfectly good 40GB hard drives into the closet. Of course, the upside to that is that the pile of parts I bought while chasing down the problem is about 40% of the way to being another computer…

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