The EFF wants you for the Television Digital Liberation Front!:

We want to keep the right to time- and space-shift that the VCR has given us (against Hollywood’s protest). We want to keep the fair use rights that let us excerpt clips from press conferences or make our own “Daily Show” from the evening news. That’s why we’re encouraging people to buy HDTV tuner cards now and build multi-function receivers and recorders around them. Here’s where you can help. The folks at make an HD-capable (ATSC) tuner card with Linux drivers. The MythTV project has built a terrific personal video recorder (PVR) platform that gives a GNU/Linux PC features like TiVo’s pause live TV and “season pass” recording. These are great for geeks, and we’re looking for volunteers to help make the combination more accessible to the general public.

It’s not too early to start petitioning Santa.

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