I seem to be taking part in lots of conversations about changing organizations here lately — with friends, who are struggling with trying to decide whether to change their current organization, or change to a new one, and with various groups of people at work, some that I supervise and some that I only interact with and advise. Lots and lots of change in the air — either because it’s summer, or an election year, or maybe because the cicadas came out. Anyway, when I stumbled across the Change Your Organization Diary on WardsWiki, I read the entire thing, even though I really had other stuff I should have been doing. It’s a fascinating anthropological document. I recognized a lot of my organization in some of the things the author writes about; if you work in any aspect of IT, it’s likely you will too.

If you don’t want to read the whole diary (it’s a good 20 to 30 minute read), you should at least glance at the Change Your Organization Tactics. I think I might just print those out and distribute them selectively…

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