No, not a 50 year old submissive after a hard scene — the new paint scheme in our study! When we last saw the “repaint the study” project, the primer coat had just been applied. Following that, I did two coats of grey above the chair rail — which turned out really nice:

grey top colorgrey top color

Below the chair rail, we were using a deep red color. This turned out to be less fun to work with — for some reason, this paint (which was the same base as the grey, just different pigment) was much runnier, prone to streaking, and generally a pain in the butt. For a while, I was fearing the dreaded third coat, but in the end it turned out to not be needed:

red bottom colorred bottom color

Yesterday was the high point of the project: removing the masking tape and getting a look at the final product:

still needs touch upstill needs touch up

This will be followed by the low point of the project: doing the touch-up work. This is going to take a bit, because there are spots in the red that need it, spots in the grey, and a number of dribs and drabs on trim. Overall though, I’m happy (and more importantly, TheWife is happy) with how the room turned out.

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