Had a nicely full weekend. Friday night, I went down to Arlington to hear Bruce Sterling read from his latest, The Zenith Angle. I ended up meeting up with Glen at the reading — he’s got a longer report over at his site (including a shot of yr. humble correspondent sitting next to Mr Sterling). The next-to-last photo is the one that Glen mentions being unable to take due to battery trouble — that’s his hand on the left side of the frame.

crowd at the sterling readingcrowd at the sterling readingobBlogShot #1obBlogShot #2

I also ended up meeting Mike Godwin (of EFF fame) and his girlfriend — Glen and Mike are old friends, and Mike was there. I chatted with Mike while waiting to get my copy of Sterling’s book signed; he’s the first person I’ve met that liked Quicksilver. Glen and I ended up having a late dinner and a couple of beers after the reading, which meant I was pretty late getting home, but the evening was well worth it.

We got up Saturday and got cracking on the big weekend project: finishing up the remodel of the study, which has been pending since before we moved into the house (more than a year ago…) First step was to finish removing the wallpaper — we used an enzyme-based goo to eat away the glue, and then scraped, scraped, scraped away. Eventually the wallpaper was gone — leaving a room that looked like the aftermath of a poltergeist attack, and some seriously gummy feet.

stripping wallpaperstripping wallpaperdeploying the blue goopoltergeist slime?scrapsscrapsleft footright root

TheBaby spent a goodly part of the day playing by herself, since both TheWife and I were up to our elbows in blue goo and wallpaper scraps. Later in the evening, we went out in the yard and took a walk around the house, to burn off some energy. A lot of the ornamentals around our house are blooming, so things are pretty colorful out there

can we go play now?headed straight for the roadwheewhoopsflower #1flower #2flower #3flower #4playing in the dirt

The next step in the great painting extravaganza was washing the blue goo off the trim, followed by applying masking tape. I got the washing and part of the masking done on Saturday, and then finished up the rest on Sunday morning. Once everything was taped up, I started slapping on the primer — first above the chair rail, then below. This time, the feet were less gummy, but still a bit worse for the wear.

maskedmaskedhalf primedhalf primedall primedall primedall primedleft footright foot

We’ve got guests coming next weekend, so we’ll hopefully be able to finish up the two coats of paint during evenings this coming week.

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