Snowdeal asks about handling tantrums. We’ve (so far) mostly been tantrum-free — at least, free of the total meltdown, fit-throwing episodes that I think of as “tantrums”. TheBaby has gotten upset in public a few times, but we’ve usually been able to remove her from the situation and get her calmed down pretty easily. I guess I’d handle a full-blown tantrum pretty much the same way: make sure she’s not physically hurt, remove her from any public situations where we would be disturbing other people (e.g., leave the restuarant or the bookstore, etc.), and then just let her scream it out.

Now, TheWife might have a more thought-out plan about tantrum handling than I do; she’s much better about preparing for and thinking about these sorts of things ahead of time. I’m a “seat of the pants” sort of parent, generally speaking.

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