I’ve been a little bit disappointed, because I haven’t seen any cicadas around the old homestead. At work, we’ve been stepping in, around, and on them during the daily lunch walk, for about a week now, but it seemed like the development was too new — it’s less than 17 years old, and the grading done during construction wipes the little buggers out. But then TheWife mentioned seeing a bunch of shells by a little path that’s across the street, which winds through a little grassy area. This made sense, because the path is bordered by trees that are clearly more than 17 years old. So around dusk, I grabbed the camera and set out in search of “the ghost maiden” (heh — thanks, JenB…) And boy howdy, they were all over the place! These were pre-molt larva, that must have just come out of the ground tonight. (Note that you can see the wings through the carapace.)

hey, what are those bumps on the tree?it's the elusive ghost maiden!larger than actual sizecheck out the wingsthis one came out nice and artyi really need a macro lens for this sort of work...

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