Since I live in the area, you’d think I’d have heard about this before now: Virginia Passes Anti-Gay Civil Unions Bill. The extent of the hatred in this legislation is breathtaking. Not only does the bill outlaw civil unions in Virginia, it contains “no benefits of marriage” language, much like the proposed federal Constitutional amendment. So, not only no civil unions, but gay couples that have been able to assemble some of the benefits of marriage by piecing together powers of attorney and other kludges, will no longer be allowed to. No more “second parent” adoptions. No more power of attorney to grant your significant other the right to make medical decisions when you’re incapacitated. No more leaving money or property to your significant other in your will. No more “domestic partner” coverage in health care.

The Democratic governor tried to send the bill back, with amendments to remove some of the worst provisions. The amendments were defeated, and the bill is on its way to becoming law. If you live in Virginia, this would be a good time to contact your elected representative to let them know how you feel about this bill.

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