So, I took this week off from work, hoping to get some work done on the class I’ll be teaching next fall, and planning to run up to LWC in NYC for the day on either Wednesday or Thursday. And then sometime last night, I came down sick with something. Grrrr.

Seems to be viral, in that I’ve got fever, chills, achiness, and general blahness going on. And it’s not the flu, dammit.

Anyway, everybody is watching the SOTU tonight, right? The Independent (a UK newspaper) has some stats that you might want to review prior to watching.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to drag my sorry ass back upstairs and take my temp again.

Update: I must be more sick than I thought — I’ve already missed the “upbeat” SOTU address, at least according to ABC. sigh

(via Atrios…)

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