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I just got my hands on a trove of genealogical information about my family, and so, like a good little geek, I’d like to get it all poked into some sort of structured format and cross-referenced out the wazoo and published on the net and all that good stuff.

So I needs me some genealogical tools. A little bit of Googling has me thinking Gramps is my best bet — anybody out there got something better to recommend? (Only things that run on Linux systems need apply, thanks.)

I also think it’s about time to get a scanner — there are a fair number of photos in the stack of papers I’ve got, and it would be nice to be able to do something with them too. Does anybody have any recommendations for a decent scanner that will work with the Linux graphical toolchain? (That’d be the Gimp and all that good stuff.) Last time I looked at this, most of the things that were sure to work were a bit more expensive that I felt like getting, and adding a SCSI card to a system just so a scanner will work strikes me as kinda nuts…

So, what did you do over the Dead White Guy/Oppression of Native People holiday weekend? (What? You had to work on Monday? You should try to get one of those government gigs, man…)

I took advantage of the extra time to finally get off my ass and write the weblog tool I’ve been thinking about and mouthing off about forever. Actually, it only really took me Saturday; I pissed yesterday away down a hole, and today was devoted to catching up on all the stuff I’ve been ignoring — and I didn’t quite finish.

But anyway, I’ve now got something that sort of looks like a piece of really, really primitive weblog software. And I’ve got a plan, which should get it to the point where it’s only really primitive. And that’s progress.

See the ugly duckling over on the dot-com site. Pound on it. Let me know how it breaks — and try to leave the comments over there instead of here. (Unless the comment is something like “hey, comments are b0rken, jackass!”) Thanks.


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Just when you think there can’t be a form of life lower than an email spammer, along comes a blog comment spammer. Yet another reason to move to something hand-rolled for my blogging needs; whoever is doing this crap must be using some sort of automated tool, which will probably only work for MT-driven blogs.

Holden Caufield had it wrong, by the way — we don’t need to watch out for the people going around writing ‘fuck’ everywhere, we need to be keeping an eye out for the ones scrawling ‘penis enlargement pills that WORK!!!!11!!’


More later; the discressionary time I was going to put towards writing something interesting and informative went towards cleaning up the comments. Bah.