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Wow, Brig’s new neckwork looks awesome!

This description of temporary tattoos applied by a caligrapher sounds very, very cool — I just wish there were pictures.

(Link via More Like This, which I continue to think of as “Whump”…)

Couple of quick “meta” sort of notes. First, for those of you that are TheBaby fans but not regular diary readers, yesterday’s entry features pictures-a-go-go.

Second, for those of you in the DC area, I’m giving a talk at the dc.pm meeting tonight, about log file rotation and analysis. Lots and lots of opportunity to confuse ‘weblog’ with ‘web log’; please consider showing up, even if you’re not a regular attendee.

Dan Savage is undertaking a noble, noble project: finding a perverse sex act to attach the label ‘santorum’ to. You remember Rick Santorum (R-CroMag), right? That Senator that thinks you shouldn’t have any privacy in your bedroom? (Or contraceptives, for that matter…)

Anyway, Dan has some contenders, and now he’s looking for votes. My personal favorite is the ‘lube and fecal matter froth’, but all of them are pretty good. Vote eraly, vote often.