Nice summary of what’s being called PATRIOT II — the latest salvo in the the DoJ’s contining “shock and awe” assault on our Constitutional protections.

Note: I realize that (the site hosting the article) is pretty left-leaning, and that some people will discount it as a result. Question: how come I’m not seeing more right-wing outrage over the DoJ’s actions? Regardless of whether or not you think the current administration has the country’s best interests at heart, don’t you have to consider that some future administration might be less than enlightened? Or, to put it another way, if you’re in the camp that thinks Bill Clinton was the most evil, incompetent person to ever hold his particular office, and Janet Reno the same for hers, would you want them to have these powers? Because they’re not going to magically expire once the Bush team leaves, you kknow…

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