This week’s Photo Friday assignment is ‘garbage’. Of course, since we’ve got a baby, and we’ve just moved, there’s no shortage of garbage around the old homestead. Here’s what about 15 minutes of walking around yielded:

First stop, the child’s new room. She’s normally a cloth diaper baby, but she’s been in disposables all this week because of the headaches posed by dealing with cloth diapers during the move-in processe. Disposables == big piles of trash, kids.

what lurks beneath the green dor?diaper-rama
A totally different ‘green door’ than the one you may be used to thinking of…

Second stop, the garage, which is currently The Place The Boxes Go To Die. Many boxens died for this move! (And not a few wrapping papers. And, yes, we’re trying to give the boxes away to people planning on moving in the future; otherwise, the cardboard will get recycled. Mail me if you’re in metro DC and want some of the boxes.)


My submission is the second trash can shot, the open lid one.

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