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Here’s a “maybe work-safe if you’re the only person at work, like I’ll be” short film for your New Year’s Eve Day: Farm Sluts.

No, it’s not what you think (not exactly), yes, it does require QuickTime, and yes, ditching LookOut is still a pretty good idea.

Looks like we’re going to finish this year up like we started it out — by moving domains. I finally allowed myself to admit that I wasn’t going to have time to write my own CMS/blog tool thing — at least not in the next five years or so — and that I’d be better off just using MT like the rest of the universe.

So, lives again, running MT. In the coming days, I hope to get rid of the template, shuffle around a lot of static content, and finally get the various genehack domains serving the stuff that I want them to serve. Yee haw. What this means for the three people that are still checking this site for updates is that they should start looking at instead. The rest of you, continue on about your business…


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It’s funny because it could actually happen (said the sysadmin who shares an office with somebody who supports some die-hard Mac users).

I’m with Rafe — I’m not going to be flying any more for pleasure, and I’ll be actively avoiding it for business too. I’m going to Linux World Expo at the end of January, frex, and I’m taking the train. If it had been on the West Coast, I would have told my workplace (the ones paying most of the bill) “thanks but no thanks”.

About the only reason I can see getting on a plane in the near-term future is in the event of a death in my family or TheWife’s — and even then, I’d plan on a one-way flight out and a rental car back home.

Hey, it’s not just those wine-swillers that get to feel smug about their vices being good for them — now it turns out that moderate beer consumption cuts the risk of heart attack.

About the only way I can see this turning out to be a bad thing is if a follow-up study shows that the only effective beers are the major American commercial varieties. Choosing between a heart attack and a Coors every day is not a place I want to be in…

The latest RISKS Digest has a nice short entry that you can point people to the next time they say something like “but only the police can access the information in those databases, so that’s not a problem”.

Nice journalistic hack from (what sounds like) an alternative weekly out in Oregon — when they found out police were searching through peoples’ trash without warrants, and alleging that trash placed on the curb wasn’t protected in any way, the journalists grabbed the trash of the police chief, the DA, and the mayor — and published lists of what they found. The predictable mayhem ensued, of course; all we can hope is that the memory of this sort of thng sticks around come election time…

I’ve been resisting moving to a pre-written blog app for a long time — saying I would write my own, that I couldn’t use a web browser to edit text, and so forth and so on. But, when I needed a quick-and-dirty interface for my diary, I whipped up a little web-browser-based thing. And I found that it wasn’t that bad. Then I looked at my various time commitments, and realized that I’d have the time to take my mess of notes and implement something right around 6 months after my retitement, here in 30 or 40 years.

So I just installed Movable Type, and now I’m testing it out. The long-term plan is to move the archives off of, fix up the templates a bit, import the really old archives from here on the org domain, and generally clean up my web life.

Hopefully, this change won’t take a year to pull off…