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okay, i lied about the friday thing
Meant to do some blogging yesterday, and just plum didn’t get to it. Might have something later today, if not, then Sunday. You’ll all deal, I imagine. Here in just a bit, we’re off to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I think a big ass turkey leg, a flagon or two of ale and a calculated and purposeful avoidance of modern life for an afternoon is just about exactly what the doctor ordered.

Oh, one maybe not-so-minor thing: Based on the way things are trending in Congress, if you don’t already have a copy of the latest GPG source laying around, you might want to grab one now. You might not have the option here in a little bit, and IMHO, somebody telling you that you can’t have strong crypto is one of the better signs that you’re going to be wanting some before too much longer…

And now, off to the Faire! Photos on return, I hope…

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