put down the microsoft and back away slowly
In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new big, bad worm running amok out on the ‘Net. If you’re running Outlook or Internet Explorer, you’re on a Windows platform, odds are you’re vulnerable. If you’re not running that particular combination of software, congratulations!, but life still pretty much sucks, because the worm is fairly effectively generating a DDoS on the whole damn net.

Here, for example, at the end of my tiny wittle wodem wink (what did you think WWW stood for?), I’ve had over 294 distinct hosts try to hit me with the Nimda exploit(s). I say “over” because there were only 294 that I could lookup a hostname for; I didn’t bother counting the IPs that I couldn’t lookup. Here are some samples; do with them as you wish (although if you’re running IE, visiting them would be a particularly bad idea):

  • bne-vod1.cisco.com
  • cancerq.org
  • car-covers.com
  • comselect.com
  • investorstitle.com
  • issint.com
  • julymorning.com
  • mail.speechaccess.com
  • sportbikehype.com
  • sydneyscatclub.com
  • teleglobe.net
  • web3.tracent.net
  • wildginger.com
  • www.humbledigital.com
  • www.ipoem.com
  • www.ntmail.net
  • www.pensiononline.com

If you’re an admin associated with one of the above, SHAME ON YOU! DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

If you’re a stock-holder in one of the above, consider contacting your neighborhood shyster and arranging to file a due diligence lawsuit against the company in question. When there are freely available alternatives that don’t have the extensive, problem-laden track record of IIS, you have to ask if people are mis-managing your investment by continuing to pay for it!

I’m normally not an advocate of this sort of nuisance lawsuit, but damned if I can see any other way to solve the problem. It would be one thing if it only affected the people who choose to use Microsoft product, but it’s starting to really fuck up the ‘net for the rest of us, too. Clearly, Microsoft is not interested in fixing their crap product; the only remaining alternative is to scare people off of using it. I have this faint, probably naive hope that lawsuits will work where crashes and cracks haven’t.

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