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I’m really getting to like this blogging in the morning thing. I’ve got a definite deadline, because I have to get ready to go to work, but the coffee’s just starting to kick in, and I’ve found some stuff from my morning email/news/websurf rounds — it’s really the best time of the day. <smirk />

hurt them
Clearly, a US$1.5 million dollar fine isn’t big enough. The point of these fines was to provide incentive to Verizon, to make them do the right thing. This has manifestly not happened. Ergo, the fines need to increase — I’d suggest doubling them with each incident. And, um, what happens to that money, and the US$40 million that SBC has already coughed up?

fire them
So, what’s the process for getting rid of an FBI chief? La Reg is reporting that easily available evidence shows that newly-appointed FBI leader Robert Mueller lied to Congress in his confirmation hearing. Nice way to start restoring that tarnished FBI image I keep hearing about. And, what do those Congressional research staff people do, anyway? They don’t seem to dig too deeply into the backgrounds of candidates for FBI chief positions.

smack them
If ever there was a euphemism for logging, “forest thinning” would have to be it. I’ll buy that fire control is at least part of the reason this is being done, but I think the question that really counts is the one that isn’t even asked in the article — what happens to the trees after they’re felled? If they are sold or processed, who profits? (It really pretty much always reduces to “who profits?”, doesn’t it?)

drink them
Hey, good news — you can be certified as a minister in the Beer Church! I am.

work them
Okay, there’s a south-bound Metro train in my near future — I’ll catch you here tomorrow. Oh, special note to those having issues with the layout here (specifically, the main text here butting into the sidebar text over there) — it’ll get fixed this weekend. Pinky swear.

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