busy busy cool toys busy busy
grrr I seem to keep having that “drop off the face of the web” problem. I tell ya, this whole “work” thing is more damn trouble…

Anyway, I did get to see a cool toy demoed the other day. If anybody out there is thinking about deploying some of the “blade-based” ultra-dense server stuff when Intel and various OEMs get their act together, save yourself some time and just call RLX Technologies now. They’ve got some great products based on Transmeta’s Crusoe chip, 24 CPUs per 3U space, which works out to some insanely large number per standard rack. The best part, though, is that somebody, some very very bright boy or girl, has carefully thought about management, updating, single points of failure, and all that good stuff.

So now we’re testing out a loaner system to see if we can fit it into our current infrastructure and where. Whoo.

all bad, all the time
I swear, I’m gonna quit getting on the web of a morning — I keep seeing these damn depressing things which put me in a crappy mood for the rest of the day. Today’s was the latest Cringley, where he speculates about Microsoft embracing and extending TCP/IP. Don’t read it pre-coffee, at the very least.

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