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stem cell hullabaloo
Well, Bush has finally made a decision. I have to say, I’m a bit surprised that the administration went for this sort of “satisfy no-one” compromise position — I was betting on a hard-line “stem cells are wrong” approach. Oh, and just so you don’t get the wrong impression — I am pretty annoyed with the compromise, I’m just too disgusted to get into the particulars at the moment.

code red killah
Okay, ‘killah’ may be inappropriate. ‘Reportah’ just didn’t have that same hardcore edge to it…

Earlier this week, I mentioned getting some Code Red II probes from a hotmail.com server (about a day before the big “Microsoft has Code Red” media storm); today’s Big Name catch is a lycos.com box. Code Red II probes since Sunday: 278. (FWIW, I’m a dialup connection with a dynamic IP.)

first amendment firestorm
Molly Ivins has a good column this week, describing a pair of recent egregious First Amendment violations. The first one, involving an investigative reporter jailed after a secret hearing, is particularly disturbing.
(Link via yet another web log.)

Here’s another link to a news story about the jailed journalist, found while clearing my queue.

i fancy a kilt
Unfortunately, SWMBO declined to purchase me the nice green khaki original.

I started looking at kilts because I followed a link from Rebecca’s Pocket that was captioned “I would so like the workman in black”, which I thought was a bit odd to hear, coming from a newlywed and all. It took a couple of minutes at the kilt page to realize she was talking about a style of kilt, and not a man (a workman) wearing something black.

That was probably more than you wanted to know about my thought processes, however.

whole lotta haiku goin’ on
This is pretty cool — Headline Haikus, based on today’s headline news stories. The cool part is that the haiku are generated automatically by a syllable-counting Perl program.

new work day rising
Yah! The queue is down to below 80 items! And many of those are older news stories whose time has really passed, so it should start to get really fast now. Of course, when I run out of stuff, I’m going to actually have to work for links again…

Okay, I’m off for work; hope y’all have a good Friday. Don’t expect any content updates over the weekend, but you will be seeing some design tweakage.

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