Cisco earnings down 99 percent. From around 16 cents/share same period last year to about 2 cents/share this year.

While we here at Genehack would never condone vandalism or any sort of violence against public property, it was kinda hard not to smile a tight little smile when reading about the, ahem, vigorous critical response to a recently installed Ten Commandments monument that lives on some public property in South Bend.

fun work time-killer
Well, for me at least — grepping the discussion following the Slashdot ASN.1 will be the saviour of XML article for any mention of GenBank or NCBI. Any bets on whether they come up, and what mod level they’ll be at if they do?

picky eaters need not apply
If you squick easily, you might want to put this link off until after lunch: The 8 Worst Convenience Foods — featuring “Armour Pork Brains in Milk Gravy”. Since that’s only number 6, you might be able to get some idea of how bad it gets by number 1…

cool tools
Stuff I’m linking to because I want to remember to download and build it:

small victories — very small
Some judicious culling has reduced the queue to a mere 89 entries — the lowest it’s been in months. Whoo! And now off to work…

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