purple <p> eater
Alright, alright, I had some design blockage issues, okay? This was what finally came out after hours and hours of grunting and straining. There are lots of things that I don’t particularly like about it, but I really should have been in bed about an hour ago, so it’s going to have to do, for at least a couple of days.

Actually, I don’t hate it; it just needs a lot more work. And maybe a new color scheme, cuz that purple is going to get on my nerves toot sweet.

Oh, and the cross-browser testing has been, shall shall we say, minimal. Any problems, etc., drop a line to jacobs@genehack.org, like normal. And, yes, I’m talking to you — I didn’t realize so many people were having trouble with the old design…

I have some links, but I think I’m going to play it safe and hit the sack — I need to get up early tomorrow and write some Perl stuff for a class I’m doing…more later tomorrow, hopefully.

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