please ring

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p1Ty m3!!!!1!! >>> Sitting here waiting for Lor to call; should be doing work stuff, but can’t get motivated. And the mail server is apparently a bit wonky, cuz the stuff I mailed myself from work isn’t here yet. sigh Somebody send me some mail or Gabber me or something.

sad, really. >>> No, it is — because I’m blogging this with the thought that I could add the output to my Daily Dose pages: “tvguide is a Perl script that reads the tv listings from and outputs them in a table format.”

now it can be told >>> perma-link texicon? Reader Paul Nagai contributed his theory.
Damn, I didn’t think anybody would figure it out for a while…

boys on the radio >>> by Hole is playing on the ole MP3 rotation right now. I’ve been searching for something else to blog, as I sit here waiting for the phone to ring, but I’m not finding anything. Plus Mozilla just crashed, so I’m gonna say the hell with it. Maybe tomorrow will be better…

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