Ouch. Whadda day — the move, trying to cram a day’s worth of work into the half day I had net access for, unpacking, ARRGHH! And it’s not going to get better anytime soon. On the plus side, I had a decent idea today about the project I’m working on — now if I could just get some time to code…

On the off chance you don’t see it somewhere else: a professor at the Art Institute in Chicago commissioned a group of scientists to make a transgenic albino bunny that expresses green fluorescent protein (GFP). Looks like a normal white rabbit, but under the right UV wavelength, the bunny glows. This is a pretty cool hack; it was intended to cause controversy (err, I mean “spark discussion”), and it’s looking like it might just do that.

Idea borne out of lack of sleep, offered gratis: Given the recent release of green catsup, can other color-enhanced foodstuffs be that far behind? Take your average beef cow, clone in a bit of GFP, and presto! GlowSteak. Secondary marketing opportunities (e.g., the black lights to make it glow, sauces with fluorescent proteins of different emission wavelengths for contrast, etc.) abound. I really think this one’s a winner. Oh! And not just limited to the meat eaters, either — how about a really green salad? Glowing bran muffin? MMMMMMM.

And now I’m going to stagger off to bed. If you’ve sent me email recently, I am working on getting back to you, but it might be a day or so. Tomorrow’s going to be quiet ‘round here, but I expect to be back in full force Thursday night/Friday morning. See you then.

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