“Still the only band the matters”… It’s been all Clash, all the time for the past couple of days here. Unfortunately, I managed to scratch disc 1 of “The Story of the Clash” right in the middle of “Straight To Hell”. Luckily, I had ripped a backup mp3 the day before…

One more thing to read in Copious Free Time: Far More Than Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About… more things Perl-ish than you can shake a stick at.

Not so much new linkage today; I probably wouldn’t have posted, but I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s stuff…

First, on the Wired story about the fly knockouts, Herbert Smith pointed me to a more detailed story over at sciencedaily.com, as well as the original press release from NIGMS.

Herbert and another reader, Milos Tanurdzic both pointed out that the work was published in last week’s Science: Rong and Golic, Science 288: 2013-8. I suppose I should try to get on Science’s ToC mailing list…

On the SF blog tip, Stephen Kitt points out this extensive link list, which I’ll try to mine in the next few days. Stephen also notes that Analog has some reviews on their site, under “The Reference Library” (that URL looks like it changes monthly — watch if you care about seeing the most recent version).

Yesterday’s downtime was courtesy of a blown motherboard in the server that hosts genehack.org. Sorry ‘bout that; not too much I could do.

Okay — that’s it for today — I’m off to attempt to deal with my large-and-growing mail backlog. Gee, bitch about being in a bad mood, and tons of people mail you — strange, that. 8^)= If I haven’t gotten back to you yet, rest assured, I will.

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